Plumas County
Fall Photography Tips



Digital Fall Color Photography Tips:
courtesy Carl Raymond Photography

Photographing the fall colors of Plumas County can reward the photographer with a variety of shooting opportunities. Whether shooting aspen groves near the rocky cliffs going to Frenchman Lake, or the cottonwood trees of the Feather River Canyon near Belden, there are several tips that can make your efforts more productive.

1.) Use a tripod whenever possible – as steady as we may think we are, a tripod is steadier. It will also force you to slow down, giving greater thought to your compositions.

2.) Shoot RAW – if you’re shooting with a Digital SLR camera, take advantage of the RAW file format. It allows for greater flexibility for error and recovery. It also allows for a wider color gamut to record accurately – very important when shooting the many colors that fall provides. 

3.) Use a polarizer sparingly – A polarizing filter is a great tool, but all too often is used at its maximum strength, over saturating an image and darkening the skies to an unreal blue/black. Keep it real, and use it to minimize the glare in an image, and besides, if extra color is what you’re after, you always have Photoshop.

4.) Take your laptop – there is nothing better than sitting in the shade of a tree after a morning’s shoot, and reviewing your work! It will give you the opportunity to edit your keepers and throwaways, and see if you are getting the images you came for…and even better, if something is not going well – it gives you the chance to correct it.

5.) And finally, I once heard a world famous photographer say “If it looks good – shoot it, if it looks better – shoot it again.” In the digital age you no longer have to concern yourself over the costs of film and processing, take advantage of this and burn as many images as your heart desires - experiment!  Try and find the shot within the shot. Try the same thing from another angle. Try not to rush your time.

Plumas County offers great scenes, some obvious, some not so obvious. Either way, be sure to get out there and explore not only the sweeping back county roads, but also the trails near streams and rivers. Often they hold gems of photographic possibilities. It’s up to you to mine them out.


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